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Bare Organics - Irish Sea Moss Powder - 1 Each-8 OZ

Bare Organics - Irish Sea Moss Powder - 1 Each-8 OZ

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Country of Origin:USA, ARIZONA

Organic:95%+ Organic

Gluten Free:Y

Yeast Free:Y



Superfoods to nourish your life. Boost natural immunity. Helps thicken recipes. Raw Organic Irish Sea Moss Immunity Powder. Irish Sea Moss grows in cold; Irish waters; and is commonly used as a vegan thickening addition to recipes such as smoothies and desserts. It helps add texture where needed; and nutrition as wet Organic Irish Sea Moss is known by many names pearl moss and carrageen - but its reputation as an overall health promoter and natural immune booster is well known! Benefits: Supports natural immunity; vegan thickener for recipes. Let's reduce landfill waste! How do you repurpose your BareOrganics containers? (hashtag)barelyusedbareO

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